Drive Business
Through Sustainability

I help you build a future-proof sustainable business,
save the planet and explore your potential.

If entrepreneurs knew this before starting a business,
we wouldn’t see half of them fail within the first five years.
– Alex Harper –
Founder / Investor

I learned how to
get my Brand and
my life on track.
I only regret not
implementing it faster.
– Christine Bauer –
CEO Greentime

I will help you

  • start a sustainable business
  • build a future-proof brand
  • attract the ideal clients
  • increase efficiency and profit
  • reduce your environmental impact
  • evolve into a better leader
  • build and serve your community
  • apply sustainability in every aspect of your life and business
  • increase your health and energy to sustain all the above

Are you afraid of your own business?

You think about starting a business but are afraid of failure?
You fear that disruptive events could destroy your business?
Are you afraid your business would ruin your personal life?
Are you afraid your passion isn’t enough to be profitable?
Are you afraid competition is going to swing your clients round?
You fear the lack of energy and health to crush it on a daily basis?

Good news! It’s a crossroad.

And there is a path that leads to the results you want.
I am here to empower you with the knowledge to succeed on your own.
To show you the pitfalls and to help you create the business and lifestyle you deserve.

Long term. Sustainable.

I can help, if you

  • are open to different perspectives and not afraid of change
  • want to future-proof your business from disrupting events
  • care about profit, people, planet and personal life alike
  • are the owners / decision makers of the company
  • are willing to build a long-lasting brand
You can apply sustainability
to every aspect
of business and life.
– Tim Hauke –

Wanna be a good human being
while building a remarkable brand
and a great life?