The Why

I believe entrepreneurs can become
inspiring leaders and earn loyal customers
by building sustainable businesses,
remarkable brands and by living fulfilling lives.

I teach them how.

“Treat the Earth well.
It was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children.”
Native American Proverb

Sustainable consulting

I am a solo consultant, so you will get me every time.
To meet the needs of your project, I may assemble and
manage teams to solve specific problems, so there is no
need to pay for the entire staff of a big firm if you just
need a piece of good advice!

The 4P

Sustainability Strategy

4P Sustainability is one of the most powerful frameworks on which you can build a fulfilling life and an exceptional business. It is a strategy meant to protect the future. Yours, ours but first and foremost, that of our children.

Sustainability is not reserved for the environment – although perfectly suitable – but in a similar manner, it forces us to be accountable for the long-term consequences of ALL our actions and insures the healthy environment in which our businesses and our lives can thrive. It helps us seep decisions and shape behavior. It helps us grow.
And long-term, sustainable growth is what life and business is all about!

How 3P became 4P

Interestingly, corporations were among the first to embrace a holistic concept of sustainability and account not only for profit, but also for the social and environmental impact of their business. Many of these organizations recognized the importance of this ‘triple’ sustainability concept and have since radically improved their operations, basically stating: profit alone, can’t generate long-term growth!

This is an important message for all business owners.

Caring for people and planet along profit is both a good way to drive efficiency in business and to rise brand awareness. Therefore, sustainability is also a great marketing asset.
The triple bottom line“, the “3Ps” of sustainability (Profit, People, Planet) or simply “Sustainable Business“, is how the concept was labeled in corporate marketing messaging.

There is a lot to be learned from this approach and I saw a fantastic opportunity to positively impact the whole world, by implementing a sustainability framework outside corporate organizations where, unfortunately, it isn’t known as well. I decided to reveal the sustainability concept to the ones who make up over 90% of the worlds business population: SMEs, the Small to Medium – privately owned – Enterprises.

I made it my mission to articulate and help implement the principles of sustainability outside corporations, to help businesses become future-proof and increase profitability, while also give something back to society and our environment, contributing to the well-being of us all.
Because it is unsustainable to take without giving back!

It turned out that my mission had to go even deeper. In my research on how to apply the sustainability framework to small and medium businesses, I discovered a 4th dimension that needs to be addressed along the triple bottom line: the business owners. In small businesses, the owner is the one to blame for bad decisions, the one who takes the risks. He does the heavy lifting by mastering multiple roles in the company and by working the longest hours, thus sacrificing health and a substantial part of their personal life. Helping business owners perform better, work efficiently and understand how to sustain their businesses adds a 4th pillar to this construction ensuring a future-proof sustainable business.

It is the strategy that unites the principles of sustainable business with personal development and in my opinion, the only way to build a sustainable business. I call it the Quad Bottom Line (QBL) or simply put, the 4Ps of sustainability: